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LUNNI is a simple but efficient CRM.

  • All information in one place – cloud and mobile.
  • Smart sales process
  • Clear monitoring of sales
  • Loved by salespeople
  • Integrations to email marketing, company database, accounting, calendars and mobile. Plenty of other possibilities for other integrations through Zapier.
  • Customizable and expandable

Tools for Acquiring and Managing Customers

Personal and Team Calendar

Personal and team calendars in the same view. Get clear picture of your phone calls, tasks and meetings from the calendar.

Where to Get More Clients?

Make your sales more systematic by adding potential future clients to Lunni. We want to help you succeed in selling!

Campaign Tracking and Target Goups

Lunni offers optimization for handling customer target groups. The groups that are used for directing sales and marketing will be saved to Lunni as campaigns.

Companies and Contacts

Customers and contacts related to them will stay organized in Lunni. Keeping track of contact persons and their areas of responsibility is easier. We will help you keep your valuable customer data up to date.

Smart Sales Process

AI-assisted sales process helps salespeople with their everyday work. Priorities and the direction of sales will always be clear and important meetings or tasks will not be forgotten.

Customers and Files

With Lunni, you can find not only customer data, but also files related to customers with a single search tool.

Products and Catalogues

One of our main goals is to make handling products in the system as easy and efficient as possible. That is why Lunni provides an excellent set of features for it. You can handle product pictures, categories, sub-products, general and customer-specific price lists and much more through Lunni.

Save Time With Templates

Email templates are a handy way of combining CRM data. Lunni creates quotations, confirmations, brochures, and other frequently used documents with just a click of a button. Email appearances are uniform and follow your company’s brand.

What Can't Be Measured - Can't Be Managed

All of the data in Lunni can be turned reports or different meters. With the standard meters you can monitor the progress of your team – phone calls, meetings, leads, opportunities, quotations and much more. Custom meters can be used for more specific needs.

Everything can be measured. Everything can be managed.

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