Smart FLOW helps you to recognize opportunities that need your immediate attention

Smart Sales Process - FLOW

FLOW is a visual and AI-assisted tool for systematic sales management. It combines all information relevant to the sales process. With FLOW it is easy to get a clear picture of the real-time sales pipeline at a glance. Sales will have the right direction and action will be taken at the right time.


Sales Pipelines

FLOW manages multiple sales processes simultaneously. The stages of a process can be customized to fit the nature of your business.

A good sales process is a simple one and it can be optimized with automation while being measureable, systematic and fitting for the company’s business model.

Activities Always Under Control

FLOW merges tasks, meetings and phone calls into the sales process – making the everyday work of sales staff as efficient and effortless as possible.

FLOW also reminds the user about important activities.


Comprehensive search bar allows you to find whatever you are looking for from the sales process. Opportunities can be searched by name, company, contact person, business area, salesperson, sales team, etc.

Activities and Color Coding

FLOW actively sorts the opportunities in the sales process so that the user can always see the most urgent ones first. Color coding helps with identifying opportunities that should be handled today, as well as the ones that are in schedule or late.

Quick Create

Quick Create – as the name suggests – is an extremely fast and easy way of adding a new opportunity, company or a contact person to Lunni.

List Views of Opportunities

Lunni offers user-friendly tools for creating all kinds of lists. For example, you could list the most important sales opportunities based on your own custom “TOP or NOT” classification. The different views allow completely flexible filtering of opportunities.


Quick filters allow you to examine the current state of the pipeline and the results of your sales team. You can see the entire real-time situation in just one glance. You can filter the opportunities based on the user, user group, business area or time period. It is also possible to choose, for example only the opportunities that appear to be late. FLOW offers an efficient tool for internal sales meetings.