Exploring Lunni is easy. Just a few clicks and you have a simple, but efficient CRM at your disposal

When it comes to doing sales on the move, there is beauty in simplicity

Ease of use and understanding the needs of a salesperson are what it’s all about! Lunni makes a salesperson’s life easier by automation.

Use customer data on the move – where it’s needed and where new information is created. Lunni acts as the salesperson’s assistant, who makes sure that you’ll always remember your important activities.

Close Faster – Close More

Sales Advisor connects you to your deals and brings the sales pipeline to your phone. Always know what to do next.

See all of the deals, their value and related activities in mobile – even for your entire team. Add deals, leads, companies and contacts with just a few clicks. Fast, easy and convenient.

Automatic logging of phone calls to CRM

Now it’s automatic. Sales advisor logs phone calls, memos, activities and meetings automaticly to the CRM for you. Focus on the customers – not on the data entry. Let the automation help you  update the CRM with complete records.

After the phone call you can enter memos by writing, with speech-to-text function or by dictating a recording. Created memos will be automaticly updated to the CRM.


We make handling meetings easy!

Create new meetings quickly and add notifications and memos. You can add the location with the press of a button.

Meetings are automatically stored in the CRM and further for example to Google Calendar if needed.

Organize sales from your phone – Metrics always with you

Manage your sales resources better. Sales Advisor automates sales activity management and monitoring. It significantly reduces the time spent on entering data as well as searching for it. Sales Advisor also provides suggestions on where to direct your sales efforts next. Sales Advisor is designed by salespeople and offers relief for a salesman’s busy schedule.

Save time and get more sales!