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About us

  Lunni is a growing software company focused on mobile applications and cloud solutions to automate and digitalize sales. Our offices are located in Helsinki and Lahti.

Our customers are B2B companies looking to increase their sales by using the perkiest customer acquisition and customer relationship management tools in the market.

Sales Advisor

Sales Advisor is for companies looking to boost their sales and all organizations who need customer information in mobile and easy-to-use.


Sales Advisor is a part of Lunni’s service offering. All encounters are an opprotunity for good service.


We provide you with pleasant and competent customer support when needed. Let’s make working together as pleasant as possible.


Sales Advisor connects with LUNNI360 CRM and offers a mobile dimension for your customer data.  
Outbound calls

Call memos, classifications and log data automatically in your CRM.

Inbound call

Because inbound calls are just as important (if not more), all data is automatically saved in to your CRM.

Systematic calling in mobile

Customer data and important call lists in the sales representative's phone. Calling continues seamlessly no matter where you are. Everything is always logged automatically.

Customer data in mobile

Important CRM data in the sales representative's phone. This automation brings new possibilities to your sales.

Add information to your CRM

Adding new information to your CRM is faster than ever. Add leads, contacts, opportunities, meetings. You name it.

Calendar and meetings

Works perfectly together with your CRM calendar. Sales representatives have never had it easier.




Sales Advisor serves your organization in all levels.

Sales Advisor creates added value and a better customer experience for your customers. For management Sales Advisor offers real-time information and transparency to help make better decisions. With Sales Advisor sales management has the ability to manage resources accurately.

Sales Advisor automates guiding and monitoring strategic sales activities. It is the best tool for sales representatives to minimize the time spent on logging information and automating necessary reporting. It brings ease to searching information and tips for making your sales activities successful.

By using Sales Advisor you have:
  • Efficient customer acquisition
  • Enhanced customer relationship management
  • The full potential of your customer data in use and an increase in sales

Let’s discuss how Sales Advisor can help you boost your sales.



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